Nail Biting Treatment for Kids

QAR 150
  • BREAK THE HABIT FOR GOOD - NIXXIT Nail Biting Pen will help you break the habit once and for all. As a parent and former nail biter we understand the struggle. Does your kid bite their nails & haven't found a solution? After years of research we’ve created the product we wish we had for our kids, our bitter but safe formula will help stop your kids habit.
  • EFFECTIVE DETERRENT - NIXXIT helps prevent both nail and cuticle biting as well as thumbsucking. Each application lasts up to 3 hours depending on how often you wash your hands. Product can be removed from nails with standard soap and warm water to ensure bitter flavor won’t be tasted upon eating.
  • EASY TO APPLY, ODOR FREE & NON GLOSSY - Nail biting and thumb sucking habit-breaking and prevention treatment with easy, brush on application. JUST TWIST, APPLY AND LET DRY. There is NO GLOSSY RESIDUE or strong odor.
  • PARABEN FREE & FUN PACKAGING - We specially designed our kids packaging to destress the process.