C-Section Cream by Motherlove

QAR 180
    • C-SECTION RECOVERY: C-Section Cream is a postpartum essential after Cesarean birth.
    • ORGANIC SCAR CREAM: The herbs in this all-natural scar cream nourish your skin so that your beautiful birth mark can be a reminder of your power, without the physical discomfort. Can be applied prior to putting on a belly band, silicone scar sheet, or c-section underwear.
    • CLEAN INGREDIENTS: Extra virgin olive oil, beeswax, shea butter, calendula flower, marshmallow root, rosehips, St. John’s wort flower, yarrow herb, and rosemary leaf. All organic. Nothing else.
    • SUGGESTED USE: Gently massage this balm onto your C-Section scar after it is fully closed. Can also be applied to older scars, although effectiveness may vary.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY: C-Section Cream is USDA Certified Organic (which means non-GMO, too!), Certified Cruelty Free by Leaping Bunny, and made in the USA with imported ingredients. Manufactured in a solar-powered, zero-waste facility. Motherlove is a certified Women-Owned B-Corp that focuses on environmental and social sustainability.