Elderberry Syrup, Immunity Support by Mommy’s Bliss

QAR 110
  • Immune Boosting Elderberry Syrup for Kids: Mommy's Bliss Organic Elderberry Syrup + Immunity Boost has zinc and vitamin C, and is pediatrician recommended. Kids love the yummy elderberry flavor, so it's easy to help them feel healthy and happy all year.
  • Organic Elderberry Syrup: Whether it's the middle of summer, back to school, or cold and flu season, your kid can always use an immunity boost. Elderberry syrup has been used as an herbal remedy for coughs, and to boost the immune system for generations.
  • Made for Kids: When your little one isn't feeling well, it's no fun for anyone. From gripe water to help calm tummy troubles, to organic kid's cough syrup, probiotic powders packs, or kid's electrolytes, we help you and your little one find bliss.
  • Stock up with our gentle remedies to help bring comfort for the occasional cough, or colicky tummy trouble. Probiotic drops and vitamins help support healthy immune systems, for healthy, happy kids.
  • For Moms, By Moms: Mommy's Bliss is on a mission to bring bliss to parents everywhere. You and your little one will love our products if you've used ones from brands like BioGaia, Gerber, Evivo, Little Remedies, Zarbees, Colic Calm, Sambucol, and Maty's.