Nail Bite Repellent for Kids

QAR 100
  • Bitter Nail Water: The composition of bitter nail water is composed of natural plants. Including water, Coptis extract, bitter melon extract, peppermint, etc. It does not contain BPA, is safe and harmless to the human body, and can effectively prevent children or adults who like to bite their nails.
  • Packaging Design: Combine bitter nail water with nail care. Get rid of the habit of biting nails and develop beautiful nails at the same time. The product expires after 24 months after opening the product.
  • Suitable for The Crowd: Children over 3 years old, suitable for adults and teenagers of all ages.While preventing nail biting, it can also promote nail growth. Keep nails healthy, strong and beautiful.
  • How to Use: In the morning, turn on the bite-resistant nail water, apply it evenly on the surface of the nail, dry for 3-5 minutes (a little longer under low temperature conditions), and after drying for 30 minutes, it will be waterproof Before going to bed or during regular care, open the nourishing nail care lotion (odorless) and apply it evenly on the trailing edge or burr area of ​​the nail. You can massage properly to promote absorption.