Allergy Tea by Oomi

QAR 140
by Oomi
  • SAY BYE TO SNIFFLES, ITCHY EYES & OTHER ALLERGY & ASTHMA SYMPTOMS: Made with natural antihistamine and decongestants including elderberries, our kids tea will provide sinus relief, allergy relief, asthma relief & stronger immunity
  • MADE ONLY WITH USDA ORGANIC INGREDIENTS WITH NO GMO's, SUGAR, CAFFEINE, OR CHEMICALS: Our elderberry tea is made with only USDA Organic and the highest quality ingredients to help allergy relief
  • EFFECTIVE & GENTLE FOR INFANTS, BABIES & KIDS: Our ingredients have been selected for specific use in children based on their healing characteristics and for being gentle for kids as early as birth
  • BREASTFEEDING & FORMULA FRIENDLY: Herbal tea may be given directly to infant, added to breast milk or to formula per dosage recommended on package; Nursing mothers may also drink tea to pass herbal effects to child & help allergy relief