With This Note, book by Annalice Hayes

QAR 100

While you shine, my strong child,

And show the world your light,

Remember to stay safe

If it doesn’t feel quite right.

Talking to children about personal safety and consent can feel overwhelming. You may not know what to say—or even how to start. With This Note provides a thoughtful and easy way for parents, caregivers, educators, counselors, and trusted adults everywhere to begin this important conversation.

With its beautiful illustrations and rhymed storytelling, With This Note teaches young children that they have autonomy over their bodies and empowers them to listen to their gut feelings to identify when things don’t feel quite right. Its colorful pages provide children with the tools to remove themselves from unsafe and uncomfortable situations and to distinguish their trusted people. With This Note is the perfect age-appropriate way to begin this discussion with the children in your life.


Annalice Hayes, Author